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What if you could learn about both your body composition and your cellular health with a quick, convenient test? At Essential Nutrition in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, Lisa Lanzano, MS, RDN, and her team offer this test to give you deeper insights into the effectiveness of nutrition and exercise plans and your overall wellness. To learn more about this body composition and cellular health test, call the office nearest you or make your appointment online today.

Body Composition and Cellular Health Test Q & A

What is a body composition and cellular health test?


The team at Essential Nutrition tests both your body composition and your cellular health with bioelectrical impedance analysis. With this fast, comfortable test available at both of their offices, they can assess your body composition and your hydration levels.

This testing illuminates not just how your body is functioning currently, but also how effectively the measures you’re taking to improve your health are working. With body composition analysis, you can determine if your body fat levels are decreasing while your lean muscle mass is increasing. 

This is helpful to measure changes in the makeup of your body, even if the number you see on the scale isn’t changing. Because muscle is denser than fat, it’s common to weigh the same even as you lose fat and improve your overall health. 

With body composition testing, you have a way to tangibly measure the results of your nutrition and exercise programs. 

How does this test measure cellular health?

When your Essential Nutrition dietitian performs the bioelectrical impedance analysis, they can measure the phase angle of your body’s cells. 

A lower phase angle indicates reduced cell health with a higher likelihood of cell death. These lower angles demonstrate poor nutrition and oxygen intake in your cells and less healthy cell membranes. Lower phase angles have been linked to a wide range of health conditions, including:

  • HIV
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Sepsis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Certain cancers

Conversely, higher phase angles indicate better overall cell health throughout your body. With repeated body composition and cellular health testing, your dietitian can measure the impact of a nutrition program on your cellular health over time. As your nutrition improves, your cells should reflect it with a higher phase angle. 

What should I expect with a body composition and cellular health test?

During the bioelectrical impedance analysis, your dietitian sends a safe, small electrical current through your body. This test is completely noninvasive and takes just minutes. 

Because the test is so safe and convenient, it’s an excellent way to track your progress over time, repeatedly measuring how any nutritional changes you make impact your body composition and your cellular health. 

To learn more about this test or to schedule yours, call one of the Essential Nutrition offices or make your appointment online today.