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Virtual Cooking Classes Specialist

Essential Nutrition -  - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Essential Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists & Emotional Eating Specialist located in Boulder, CO & Denver, CO


Gain essential knowledge and skill in the kitchen in our ongoing virtual cooking classes! Taught by a culinary expert and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. We approach cooking from a standpoint of self-expression; building skill and confidence in the kitchen with each class, while capitalizing on ways to use cooking and meal prep for self-exploration, growth and awareness. Learn basic skills, build a repertoire of easy, nutritious meals to feed yourself and your family, and experience cooking and eating from a fun-loving, common-sense, non-diet, exploratory approach. Appropriate for individuals in recovery from: eating disorders, chronic dieting, over-reliance on take-out, anxiety at the thought of cooking, and anyone just wanting to gain more competence and comfort in the kitchen!

Classes are held virtually in small groups or can be offered individually.

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